12 Reasons Why You Should Use A WordPress Website For Your Business

12 Reasons Why You Should Use A WordPress Website For Your Business

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Why WordPress is the best platform for your website

In this article, I’m going to tell you why you must use WordPress websites for your business instead of Wix, Webflow, Squarespace, etc.

Look, I could write a 5,000 word article giving you 100 reasons but let’s not waste your time. Instead let’s go straight to the top 12 most important reasons.

Number #1: WordPress is free. Yes that’s right lol, You don’t need to pay for it.

Number #2: You might have heard that WordPress is too “technical” or “complicated” compared to Squarespace and Wix, Whilst that is true WordPress is still very easy to use. You don’t need experience to figure out how to use it. The only reason WordPress is more technical is because it’s more powerful, it gives you better features.

Number #3: Over 43% of the internet is run on WordPress. Yes! Over 43% of the websites in the world are built using WordPress. You can get a basic website set up in under one hour with no technical experience (Fast and easy).

Number #4: WordPress has thousands of free and paid plug-ins that give you the power to do almost anything you want with your website (sell products, collect emails, book meetings, get clients, sell affiliate products, etc).

Number #5: WordPress allows you to customize your website more than all the other platforms (Wix, Squarespace). The best part is that you don’t need to know how to code to build fancy cool websites.

Number #6: WordPress is the only platform that gives you control of your data. You can easily export all your website data if you wish to move to another platform in future.

Number #7: WordPress is an open source platform, which means thousands of expert developers have been adding improvements to it over the last 19 years. So at this point WordPress is extremely well developed, much better than Squarespace, Wix and Webflow.

Number #8: Since WordPress has been developed by thousands of experts around the world, WordPress has become a lot more safe and secure. This will help protect you from being hacked. If you want to make your website even more secure you can download a free plug-in or pay for a premium security plug-in.

Number #9: This is perhaps the most important reason, WordPress is the best platform when it comes to SEO(Search Engine Optimization). WordPress allows you to add custom URLs, Image Alt text and all the other SEO features that you will need.

Number #10: WordPress has a huge community so there are so many people that will support and help you. On top of that, there are thousands of tutorials available online for free. You will always find help for any website problems you have.

Number #11: Some of the most successful businesses are using WordPress websites (PlayStation, Microsoft, Techcrunch, Rollingstone, Vogue, The white house). If the most successful businesses are doing something, you should too!

Number #12: The most common reason I tell my clients to choose WordPress from the start is because you can’t scale your business with Squarespace, Wix etc.

For example,

Let’s say you start off with Squarespace and you decide it’s time to scale your business. You contact a web designer to help you build a cool new website but he tells you

“Oh mann, your website is on Wix? We need to move the site to WordPress because Wix doesn’t have the features we need.”

Let’s use another example, Imagine you want to run an SEO campaign (If you want passive income, You will need SEO). You contact an SEO agency but now they tell you

“Your website is on Squarespace? We can’t get you the results you want because Squarespace isn’t a good platform for SEO, You need to move your website to WordPress.”

So now you’re stuck. You have to move your website to WordPress which is a big headache because you will lose all your website data (blog articles, rankings etc). You also have to spend time trying to figure out all this technical stuff so your website doesn’t get ruined.

If you just started on WordPress, you would never have this problem, you can just scale your business without worrying about moving the website causing you to lose your blog articles, domains, time and money.


To sum it all up, WordPress is affordable for rich and poor people. Anyone can learn how to use it fast. WordPress has the best features and gives you the power to scale your business to $100k/month and beyond!

WordPress is superior to Squarespace, Wix, and Webflow.

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