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Research Chems

What did the

client want?

The client wanted an E-Commerce website with a minimal design that was professional and fast.

The client’s goal was to sell physical products as fast and easy as possible.

Website Page List:

  1. Home Page
  2. Shop Page
  3. Sales Page (SARMs)
  4. Sales Page (Peptides)
  5. Product Page
  6. Cart Page
  7. Checkout Page
  8. My Account Page
  9. Privacy Policy Page
  10. Terms & Conditions Page
  11. Search Results Page
  12.  404 Page

12 pages x $200 = $2,400

Base Cost = $1,500

$1500 + $2,400 = $3,700

Total Website cost: $3,700

WooCommerce Web Design 1

Shop Page.

Simple & Minimal design that is built for speed and conversions.
The Shop page loads in 2 seconds!

WooCommerce Web Design 4

Cart Page.

Clean cart page designed for customers to buy the product as fast and easily as possible.
Bank card images and bullet points at the bottom of the page to build trust with the customers.

The cart page loads in 2 seconds!

WooCommerce Web Design 3

Checkout Page.

Neat Minimal checkout page designed for customers to easily fill in their details.
No distractions. No confusion.

The checkout page loads in 1 second!

WooCommerce Web Design 7

Newsletter Form popup.

Professional Newsletter form that is built for high conversions.

WooCommerce Web Design 9

My Account Page.

Modern user experience for your loyal customers.
Minimal, professional, and easy!

“My Account” page loads in 1 second!

WooCommerce Web Design 13

Cross sells & upsells.

Make more money by upselling your customers. Each product page has 4 similar products advertised on the page.

The bottom of the website has a full navigation menu for fast access to anywhere on the site and a Newsletter form to collect as many emails as possible!

The product pages loads in 2 seconds!

WooCommerce Web Design 12

Desktop vs Mobile.

A special menu designed for mobile devices!

On desktop, we have a search bar for users to find products.

WooCommerce Web Design 8

Mobile Responsive.

The entire website has a special design on every single page specifically for mobile users.

This will maximize conversions and sales!

WooCommerce Web Design 14

PageSpeed scores.

We got these results for the client by using FREE plug-ins!
That’s right…it cost the client $0.00

Website Audit

Client Problems

How is the website hurting the business?

The entire website looks broken and confusing. The ugly design makes the business look like a cheap scam.

This is why the website has gotten 0 sales and collected 0 emails.

💩 Old website issues

🔥 NEW features

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“ The website you created is getting email sign-ups every day! Thank you for making everything so easy. Seriously! ”
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Wise Connector
" You did a super good job at the redesign, I really like the feel of the new website. It looks amazing bro! "
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Masculine Development
Website featured in Forbes
“ People love the site! (429k followers)It looks sexy af and the sign-up conversion rate went from 0.80% to 2.12% in one week! ”
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Life Math Money
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