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If you are reading this, that means you found my website by searching ” Local SEO Fort Lauderdale ” on Google.

The reason you were able to find my website on Google is because we are SEO experts that practice what we preach.

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SEO expert in Philadelphia

Here at Website Beasts, we specialize in local SEO Philadelphia and online marketing to get high rankings on Google for small businesses.

Did you know that in the year 2022, Over 97% of Google users searched for a local business?

This means if your website is not on the first page of Google, your online presence is basically non-existent. In other words, you don’t exist to 97% of your prospects.

We can help you get your website ranking on Google’s search results so that customers from Philadelphia can find your services and products. And we will do so without spending money on PPC fees or any other expensive ads.

Not only will we boost your website traffic but we will show you how to acquire warm traffic (traffic that actually converts into sales!).

The goal is for us to help you grow your business in Philadelphia and get an ROI so we can have a long-lasting propitious relationship.

Local SEO Philadelphia services at an affordable price

Look, here’s the truth…

SEO services in Philadelphia are not cheap. Most companies are charging $2,000/month minimum. (that’s understandable because they want to work with big companies.)

If you have a high budget, I suggest you work with someone else because our Philadelphia SEO services are for smaller businesses that make less than $5,000/month.

Our SEO services in Philadelphia start at $500.


SEO Strategy to Rank on Google in Philadelphia

This is a short summary of the process we will follow to get you on the first page of Google so you can start getting customers from the Philadelphia area.

1.) Website Audit

We will use our SEO software to study your website statistics to see what’s going on behind the scenes of your site, so we can find out why your website is not ranking.

2.) Custom SEO strategy

Now that we know the problems of your website, we will use our SEO experience to create a custom plan for your website to rank on Google as fast as possible.

3.) Keyword Research

We will spend hours researching your industry to find keywords that are relevant to your business so that we can start creating content to attract your ideal clients and customers.

4.) Technical SEO

You will never rank for any keywords in Philadelphia if the technical problems on your website are not fixed. We will test the site and fix all issues we find so that your website will be ready for local SEO optimization.

5.) Content Creation

You need to build trust with your prospects when they visit your website. We will show you how to do this by posting well-researched high-quality content on your website every month.

6.) Link Building

In order to boost your rankings and get you at the top of Google, we will build high-quality connections to your website from credible sites so that Google favors you.

Local SEO Philadelphia

Feeling confused? Don’t know what Local SEO Philadelphia package to choose?

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- One Time Fee -

SEO Jumpstart $1,000

Don’t want to pay for Local SEO Philadelphia services every month? Then this is perfect for you.

Our SEO JUMPSTART package is a one-time fee. Meaning you only pay ONCE.

This will get your website ranking on Google so you can attract new leads every month and you can continue making recurring revenue.

SEO Monthly


Local SEO Philadelphia packages are priced based on how many hours per month we spend working on your website rankings.

Pricing table reflects monthly costs.
Cancel anytime.

Pre-paid Discounts:

3 Months: 10% off
6 Months: 15% off
12 Months: 25% off




– 4 hours –

– Website Audit –

– Personalized SEO Strategy –

– Keyword Research –

– On-Page SEO –

– Off-Page SEO –

– Link Building –

– Monthly Reporting –




– 9 hours –

– Website Audit –

– Personalized SEO Strategy –

– Keyword Research –

– On-Page SEO –

– Off-Page SEO –

– Link Building –

– Monthly Reporting –




– 28 hours –

– Website Audit –

– Personalized SEO Strategy –

– Keyword Research –

– On-Page SEO –

– Off-Page SEO –

– Link Building –

– Monthly Reporting –

- Local SEO Philadelphia -

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get more customers?

Yes. we will be targeting customers in the Philadelphia area.

97% of people find businesses on the internet and we need Google to show them YOUR website!

How do I know if you are bringing new customers to my business?

You can start asking your clients from Philadelphia how they found you, and they will tell you themselves – “I saw your website”

I will also show you stats from your website every month that I receive straight from Google!

Can You Help Me With My Website Design?

If you don’t have a website yet or you need your website redesigned,

We will custom-design your whole website so that it is built for conversations.

( SEO clients get a special 35% discount on website design )

Can I Pay less than $500?

Anyone who charges less than $500 for SEO services is wasting your time. It’s impossible to get results with such a low budget.

The more money you invest in SEO, the faster we can get you ranking on the first page of Google.

What Does SEO Stand For?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is focused on getting website traffic and high search result rankings organically. By organic, we mean without paying for expensive ads.

Do I Need To Sign A Contract?


We will not force you to commit to something unless you are 100% happy with your decision.

We are not looking to trap people in contracts, we want to build long-lasting business relationships.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

The reason why most SEO companies fail, is that they underestimate how much work its going to take to get you the rankings you want.

You can get our Local SEO Philadelphia JUMPSTART package for a ONE-TIME fee of $1,000 or choose from the monthly SEO options below.

Our Monthly SEO packages:

  • 4/hrs a month: $500
  • 9/hrs a month: $1,000
  • 28/hrs a month: $3,000

What Sort Of Reporting Will I Receive?

Every month, you’ll get a ranking report showing you the progress your website is making in the Google search results.

This will include SERP positions for Fort Lauderdale keywords.

How Do We Get Started?

Look, just book a call with the calendar below and we can have a 15-minute call to talk about how we will get you traffic from Philadelphia so you can stop stressing about finding clients & customers every month.

- Local SEO Philadelphia -

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