How long does it take to design a Landing Page?

How long does it take to design a Landing Page

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Are you thinking of hiring a Landing Page designer? Or maybe you are a web designer yourself and you are wondering how long does it take to design a Landing Page for your clients?

Unfortunately, It’s impossible to give you a straightforward answer because it could take you 1 hour or maybe 20 hours.

It all depends on 2 things:

1.)How big is the Landing Page you are working on?

2.)How complicated is the design of the Landing Page?

Let me explain this for you in detail.

1.) How big is the Landing Page you are working on?

How do we know if the landing page is a big project? Look at the website copy/text.

How many words is the text? The more text a landing page has, the more longer and bigger the landing page will be.

In other words, the bigger the word count for the landing page is, the more time it takes to build and design the landing page.

2.) How complicated is the design of the Landing Page?

You need to understand this, some clients want a professional minimal landing page and some clients want an overwhelming fancy landing page.

Clients that want a fancy website will take way more of your time, like triple or quadruple of your time!!!

A simple design can be built in 3 hours.

A fancy design for the same landing page will take 12+ hours.

It sounds crazy but trust me, I’ve been doing web design since June 2020 and I promise you that this is really how it works *lol*


If you want to know how long does it take to design a Landing Page, look at the website copy. Use this website to count the words for you.


More words = more work = more time

Now think about the design, does the client want a fancy design or a simple design?

Simple designs are 3x faster than fancy designs.

Small word count + Simple design = Quick project

Big word count + Fancy design = Long project

Tiny Landing Page: Under 100 words

Small Landing Page: 100- 500 words

Medium Landing Page: 500 – 2000 words

Big Landing Page: 2000+ words

Here are three landing pages we built that I can use as an example: : 18 Hours : 1 Hour : 12 Hours

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Does building a Landing Page require coding?

No. You don’t need to know how to code if you use Elementor Pro.

How long should a Landing Page be?

For landing pages or sales pages, there is no ideal length. If you want to rank on Google and other SERP’s, then at least 300 words is ideal. If you don’t care about SEO and you are only worried about conversions, then the word count is totally up to you.

How much does it take to create a Landing Page?

A quality landing page costs $1,000-$3,000 in most cases. Our prices for Landing Page Design starts at $600.

Is it hard to create a Landing Page?

Yes. Most of the time It is actually harder than building a multiple page website because of how complicated landing page designs are. Do not forget that you also need to design the landing page separately for mobile devices as well. Creating landing pages is not easy and takes a lot of time.

How many pages should a Landing Page have?

One. A landing page is basically a “one-page website”

What is needed for a Landing Page?

Generally the two main things you need are:

  • Website text(Sales copy)
  • Images.

Is a Landing Page a good idea?

Yes. Approximately 68% of B2B businesses use landing pages to generate leads for future conversion. A landing page is the best way to get traffic and attract your ideal customers. A website without landing pages will most likely not rank high on Google, in other words you are losing a ton of money!

Who can build me a Landing Page?

We are experts in building big and small landing pages. Click here to see our Landing Page services page.

Can I get a free Landing Page?

Yes. You can create a landing page for free using Carrd.

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