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Are you a licensed professional Dentist?

Do you want more patients?

If you answered yes to both those questions, then our Dental SEO services is exactly what you need to get your Dental practice up and running!

Dental SEO

Why Dental SEO?

In 2023, over 97% of patients use search engines like Google to find Dentists.

They do a Google search for a dental service and then choose a dental practice based on the Google results that appear.

Your dental practice is losing 97% of potential patients if people can not find you on the first page of Google.


Dental SEO

New Patients every month

Let’s say you rank 1st for a keyword that has a search volume of 9,000 people.

If 50% of people click on your website and your conversion rate is 1%,

That’s 45 new clients in 1 month.

Remember that over 97% of people find a dentist by searching on Google!

Steps to rank on Google

What will we do for you

This is a 6-step summary of the work we will do for you to start ranking on SERPs so that you can increase your sales and get new clients every month without struggling to find them yourself.


Website Audit

We will study your dental website statistics to find out why your site is not bringing you new dental patients.

seo strategy

Personalized SEO

We will create a custom personalized strategy specifically for your dental website to start getting traffic as soon as possible.

keyword research seo

Keyword Research

We will conduct research on the dental industry to find keywords for your dental practice to start ranking on Google so that patients can find you.

technical seo services

Technical SEO

Without fixing and managing all the technical bullsh*t on a site, it is impossible for your dental website to rank on Google.

We will fix all technical issues and your site will be completely capable of ranking in the search results once we optimize it for both visitors and search engines.

content creation seo

Content Creation

The best method to develop a strong dental brand is to establish yourself as an authority in the dental industry is by offering your website visitors a ton of free value.

We’ll help you post high-quality content on your website that improves search engine rankings and builds trust in your dental practice.

linkbuilding seo

Link Building

We will build high-quality connections to your dental website from sites that are relevant to the dental industry.

With credible links pointing to it your dental website, You will rank higher in search results and attract more patients.

- One Time Fee -

SEO Jumpstart $1,000

Dental SEO

Don’t want to pay for SEO every month? Then this is perfect for you.

Our SEO JUMPSTART package is a one-time fee. Meaning you only pay ONCE.

This will get your website ranking in the search engines and help you attract new leads so you can make more profit.

SEO Monthly


Dental SEO packages are priced based on how many hours per month we spend working on your website rankings.

Pricing table reflects monthly costs.
Cancel anytime.

Pre-paid Discounts:

3 Months: 10% off
6 Months: 15% off
12 Months: 25% off




– 4 hours –

– Website Audit –

– Personalized SEO Strategy –

– Keyword Research –

– On-Page SEO –

– Off-Page SEO –

– Link Building –

– Monthly Reporting –




– 9 hours –

– Website Audit –

– Personalized SEO Strategy –

– Keyword Research –

– On-Page SEO –

– Off-Page SEO –

– Link Building –

– Monthly Reporting –




– 28 hours –

– Website Audit –

– Personalized SEO Strategy –

– Keyword Research –

– On-Page SEO –

– Off-Page SEO –

– Link Building –

– Monthly Reporting –


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get more dental patients?

Yes. That’s the whole point of dental SEO.

People are searching for a Dentist on Google and we need Google to show them YOUR website!

How do I know if you are bringing new patients to my dental practice?

You can start asking your patients where they heard about you and you will notice after a few months of SEO, more and more of your dental patients will say “I found you on Google”.

(We will also show you stats of your website conversions that are given by Google via Google Analytics.)

Can You Help Me With My Website Design?

Don’t have a dental website?

Need your website redesigned?

No problem, we will custom design your whole website for you.

( Dental SEO clients get a special 35% discount on website design )

Can I Pay less than $500?

It is impossible to get you new dental patients every month with less than $500.

The more money you invest in SEO, the faster we can get you more dental patents.

What Does SEO Stand For?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is focused upon acquiring website traffic and high search result rankings organically. By organic, we mean without paying for web traffic via pay-per-click ads, among other methods.

Do I Need To Sign A Contract?


We will not force you to commit to something unless you are 100% happy with your decision.

We are not looking to trap people in contracts, we want to build long-lasting prosperous partnerships.

How Much Does dental SEO Cost?

The biggest reason why most SEO campaigns fail, is that the company underestimates the amount of work required to get you a great result and ROI. You can get our SEO JUMPSTART package for a ONE-TIME fee of $1,000 or choose from the monthly SEO options below.

Our Monthly SEO packages:

  • 4/hrs a month: $500
  • 9/hrs a month: $1,000
  • 28/hrs a month: $3,000

What Sort Of Reporting Will I Receive?

Every month, you’ll get a ranking report describing the progress of your website in the Google SERP results.

This will show you all the “behind-the-scenes” statistics of your website so you can see the progress you are making every month.

How Do We Get Started?

Look, just book a call with the calendar below and we can have a 15-minute call to talk about how we will get you new patients.

- Dental SEO -

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